Ask the StoryBots (2016)

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Ask the StoryBots Summary

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Ask the StoryBots Trailers

1. How Does Night Happen?

The StoryBots visit mountaintops, the deep sea and even outer space to understand how night happens....

2. How Do Airplanes Fly?

The StoryBots embark on a high-flying adventure to learn how airplanes fly. Kevin Smith guest stars...

3. Why Do I Have to Brush My Teeth?

To understand why humans need to brush their teeth, the StoryBots travel to a mouth taken over by a...

4. Why Is the Sky Blue?

To learn why the sky is blue, the StoryBots get a science lesson in colors. Garfunkel and Oates' Rik...

5. Where Do French Fries Come From?

The mysterious Molepheus takes the StoryBots on an underground journey to learn how French fries are...

6. Where Does Rain Come From?

The StoryBots visit an amusement park in the sky to learn where rain comes from. Tim Meadows and Chr...

Ask the StoryBots Cast

Judy Greer
Fred Tatasciore
Jeff Gill
Gregg Spiridellis
Evan Spiridellis